Early Learning Groups

  • Each day at the centre, our therapy assistants and qualified Early Childhood Educators facilitate two specialised small group workshops.
  • These workshops allow children to practice therapy goals with peers and to participate in evidence-based program such as the PALS social skills program that teaches children about greeting others, listening, sharing, taking turns, dealing with feelings of fear, sadness and anger, and solving problems. Children also practise flexible thinking & work on school readiness.
  • Our play and learning workshops have been created around the early years learning curriculum and the education framework.
  • We have a strong emphasis on play-based learning and we recognise the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy) and social and emotional development.
Bright Start Early Intervention

Social skills group for children 6+

  • Our social skills group runs fortnightly. The children participate in both physical and non-physical activities. Led by a behavioural psychologist who teaches how to interact appropriately with others; children practise leading and following, winning and losing, discussing feelings, problem solving and much more.

Drumbeat – school holiday social skills program

  • Evidence-based social and emotional learning program, incorporating hand-drumming. The program focuses on social connection through teamwork and is proven to build resilience, showing measurable changes in social behaviour. The program focuses on communication and will assist your child with managing emotions, team work, identity, values and peer pressure. Children work as a team to set and enforce group boundaries, discuss social issues through rhythm analogies and prepare to perform as a group.

Bright Start Early Learning Centre

Combining day care and early intervention therapy for children with diverse needs including developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorder.

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