Our Early Learning centre

Bright Start Specialised Early Learning Centre offers a safe, nurturing, and educational space for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), global developmental delay (GDD) and children with additional support needs.

Our centre provides a range of therapies for children and families. We are the only dedicated centre for children on the Sunshine Coast that combines daycare with intensive one-to-one early intervention therapy.

Our specialised team includes qualified Early Childhood Educators, highly experienced therapy assistants, a psychologist/board-certified behaviour analyst (BCBA) and a speech pathologist.

All staff are passionate about the work we do with children and families, our greatest pleasure is witnessing the difference our unique approach makes to, not only the child but the whole family.

We believe the importance of providing a space that allows children time to wander and wonder, be amazed, to be who they are, spaces to be alone, to be with others, to move freely, to be inspired and to learn. We offer a vast array of learning possibilities through indoor/outdoor natural environments. These spaces invite open ended interactions, explorations and a connection with nature.

We support active learning and encourage hands on investigation. We promote that ‘Play’ is the key way that children learn and develop and believe that ‘Play’ is the most natural teacher of all.

All children and families and community members are treated with respect, consideration and care and accepted for who they are.

We seek to promote practices of sustainability.

We honour the idea of custodianship and encourage children to take care of the natural world- its plants and animals, and grow an awareness of the interconnectedness of the living environment and its people both past and present.

What does a day at Bright Start Specialised Early Learning Centre looks like? 

Our curriculum is underpinned by the Australian Government’s Framework, “Belonging, Being and Becoming – The Early Years Learning Framework”. This framework emphasises a number of learning outcomes for children such as children have a strong sense of identity, children are connected with and contribute to their world, children have a strong sense of well-being, children are confident and involved learners and children are effective communicators. Each day also includes a dedicated one-on-one therapy session tailored to your child’s individual needs, plus two therapy focused small groups, and time for learning through play. Combining the fundamental principles of education and applied therapy with fun, we provide a creative learning environment.

At Bright Start Specialised Early Learning Centre your child can enjoy an inclusive natural and flexible learning environment. Our guiding principles are based upon an inclusive approach to your child’s development.

Our Centre is open from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

Child Care Subsidy is available for approved families.

Therapy fee is covered by NDIS.


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Bright Start Early Learning Centre

Combining day care and early intervention therapy for children with diverse needs including developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorder.

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