Our Psychology Services

Our psychologist can help your child navigate through the complex world of emotions and social communication. The pre-school years are the perfect time to develop resilience skills and to learn strategies to manage or prevent anxiety disorders. Our aim is to work with your child to help their mental, emotional and social development skills.


Our psychologist administers a range of assessments suitable for young children and adolescents. Cognitive assessment (IQ), adaptive behaviour scales, anxiety scales and sensory profiles are just a few of the tools that may be utilised to inform therapy or to meet the requirements for school entry.

Emotional regulation / Social emotional awareness

Emotional difficulties faced by many children stem from a lack of emotion regulation strategies. The good news is that coping mechanisms can be learned, enabling the child to manage overwhelming or painful emotions in a healthy manner.

Bright Start Early Intervention
Bright Start Early Intervention

Coping With Anxiety

Individual and group sessions are offered to children and adolescents experiencing difficulty with anxiety. Children and parents are taught strategies that help better manage their child’s anxiety. Topics covered in the sessions include:

  • Learning about feelings and anxiety
  • Detective thinking and learning to think more realistically
  • Ways that parents can help
  • Fighting fear by facing fear

Problem solving, skills building assertiveness and dealing with teasing.

Bright Start Early Learning Centre

Combining day care and early intervention therapy for children with diverse needs including developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorder.

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